is a family-owned company with more than 35-years of experience in the die industry. The company’s 15 employees provide for the flexibility required for carrying out our customer’s objectives. The company’s principal activity is the design and production of sheet metal forming dies (transfer, progressive), Al and Zn die casting and casting trimming tools, injection moulding, vulcanisation, powder compaction, various prototypes as well as control and measuring devices. Along our main activity we also engage in the production of final products.In production, we adapt to our client’s wishes and specific needs, focusing in particular on quality and function.


The business objective of ERO PROJEKT d.o.o. is to become one of the leading companies in Slovenia in the field of design and die production, to ensure the highest standards of quality of our products and keep up with innovations in technology. The company’s activities focus on the satisfaction of the users of our products as well as services, created based on the experience and motivation of our employees.



The company adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. Our clients are also provided repair and consultation services in relation to all our products.